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On CNC Vertical Lathe Features

Published:2015-03-18   Clicks:5278

Vertical lathe mainly used for processing a large diameter , short length of large, heavy and difficult to work in a horizontal lathe clamping the workpiece, the swing diameter to meet the case of too easy clamping of the workpiece in the sleeper , because of their weight .
CNC vertical lathe is mainly used for machining large diameter, short length of large, heavy workpieces and difficult in a horizontal lathe clamping of the workpiece swing diameter to meet the case , too easy clamping of the workpiece in the sleeper , because of their weight , influence on the machining accuracy , using vertical lathe can solve these problems.
Vertical lathe is a large machinery and equipment for the processing of large radial size is relatively small axial size and shape of complex large and heavy workpieces. Such as various disk wheel and the workpiece cylindrical sleeve , face, conical surface, cylindrical bore , tapered bore and so on.Additional devices can also help threading, cars spherical , profiling , milling and grinding and other processing. Compared with horizontal lathe , horizontal lathe clamping the workpiece in the decoration inside the clamp . The vertical lathe spindle axis is vertical layout , table tops in a horizontal plane , thus clamp the workpiece and is more convenient to find . This arrangement reduces the spindle and bearing loads, therefore vertical lathe can keep working longer-term accuracy.
Vertical lathe can be divided into single-pole and double pole . Generally made of small single-column vertical lathe , a large double-column vertical lathe made ??. Vertical lathe structure of the main features is its spindle in a vertical position . Vertical lathe main features are: Bench in the horizontal plane , more convenient installation and adjustment of the workpiece . Table by the rail support , rigid, smooth cutting . There are several knife , and can quick change , vertical lathe machining accuracy can be achieved IT9-IT8, surface roughness Ra up to 3.2-1.6um, vertical lathe main parameter is the maximum turning diameter .
CNC vertical lathe operations can be done automatically with the spindle speed , reversing, start or stop , two coordinate directions feed and rapid traverse , turret release , transfer and clamping , cutting fluid switch. CNC vertical lathe machine modeling prudent generous, fully enclosed protective shroud , rigid spindle with precision bearings that can withstand heavy cutting , vertical and horizontal carriage screw through sealed drag directly by motor , high precision, run fast ; CNC vertical guideways lathe cast iron casting, ultrasonic frequency quenched and precision grinding , long-term stability to ensure accuracy and service life ; CNC vertical motor selection 11KW motor vehicle owners , so that the spindle has a stronger cutting ability and speed range ; workpiece clamping collet selection mode , user requirements can also configure manual chuck, hydraulic chuck , pneumatic , hydraulic tailstock .


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